July 28, 2021
Property Management

Novak Brothers Landscaping understands the needs of residential property owners very well. For many of our clients, we provide "turnkey" property management solutions customized to their exact requirements. NBL can develop a detailed schedule of services that will ensure the property is maintained to the highest level at all times of the year. This comprehensive, proactive approach frees customers from having to worry about scheduling services, getting immediate support after storms or not knowing who to call for special needs. While travelling or if your residence here is a vacation home, NBL can provide you with complete assurances that everything about your propertry is taken care of, monitored daily, safe and well maintained.


Everything is taken care of by NBL and you only have to know one phone number. (860) 434-5244

Call us to discuss your needs and to learn more about worry free property management solutions by NBL.



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